Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Mile Run Class Overview

The One-Mile Run is a great alternate task to determine an estimate of one's VO2max while improving aerobic capacity. The main objective is to run as fast as one can. If a student can not complete the distance running, then walking will be permitted. The only way to get a true reading for aerobic capacity, maximal effort and participation is required for proper times and scores to be assessed. Effort for each student will be measured on The Borg RPE Scale 6-20, which all students are familiar with from previous classes. The students will be split up into partners which whom they chose, and the scores and times will be held confidentially with the individual students and myself.

RPE Scale

6 No Exertion

7 Minimal Exertion

8 Extremely Light

9 Very Very Light

10 Very Light

11 Light

12 Moderate Exertion

13 Difficult

14 Somewhat Hard

15 Increasingly Hard

16 Hard

17 Very Hard

18 Very Very Hard

19 Extremely Hard

20 Maximal Exertion

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