Sunday, December 12, 2010

Fitnessgram For Our Youth!

The Fitnessgram is a fitness assessment program for our youth, first developed in 1982 by the Cooper Institution in response to the need for a comprehensive set of assessment procedures in physical education programs. The assessment includes a variety of health-related physical fitness tests, assessing aerobic capacity, muscular strength, muscular endurnace, flexability, and body composition.

Examples: The Mile Run, The Mile Walk, Shoulder Stretch, Push Ups, Pull Ups, Modified Pull Ups, Pacer, Sit and Reach, Trunk Lift, Curl Up, BIA, BMI, and Skinfolds.

The Fitnessgram assessments are in full support with the NASPEs and one of the best ways to measure health-related physical activities in our children today.

The validity of all testing assessments are very specific, directly measuring the abilites and properly catagorizing the results.

Please feel free to check it out, and join the the program!

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